Latest Religion News

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Swiss Muslim girls must attend mixed swim class, European Court of Human Rights rules 01/11/2017
Swiss bishops to pay reparations to sex abuse victims 12/06/2016
Religion no justification for not shaking teacher's hand, Swiss authorities rule 05/25/2016
Swiss revealed to be a spiritual nation 04/22/2016
Swiss religion magazine circulates women cardinals petition 10/21/2013
Southern Swiss voters back ban on full-face veils 09/24/2013
Switzerland to Replace 'Psalm'-Like National Anthem With a Secular One 08/07/2013
Catholics and Lutherans will jointly mark Reformation’s 500th anniversary in 2017 06/17/2013
End blasphemy laws threatening minorities: U.N. faith expert 03/06/2013
Beit Shemesh Women Sue over ‘Modesty’ Coercion 02/26/2013
U.N. told atheists face discrimination around globe 02/25/2013
Interview With Swiss Theologian: 'Benedict XVI Could Turn into a Shadow Pope' 02/18/2013
Court rules man no longer on the hook for 655-year-old penance 01/08/2013
Religious leaders gather in Geneva to discuss faith and refugee protection 12/12/2012
Different models on free speech as U.N. debates resolution on curbing ethnic, religious hatred 09/28/2012
World Muslim group demands laws against "Islamophobia" 09/25/2012
Muslims in Europe dogged by bias, Amnesty says 04/24/2012
Swiss Raelian sect in EU rights court over alien posters 11/16/2011
Woman gets 10 years in Swiss child torture case 09/21/2011
Scientology losing Swiss support: experts 07/04/2011
Christians issue rule book for spreading faith 06/28/2011
Swiss diocese suspends priests in sex abuse probe 02/10/2011
Swiss Catholic church hands out condoms in HIV/Aids campaign 10/28/2010
Swiss Catholics split over condom distribution 10/25/2010
Swiss say 104 victims of clerical abuse have stepped forward 06/02/2010
Swiss canton considers burqa ban 05/04/2010
FIFA ban on Islamic headscarf bars Iran girls' soccer team from Youth Olympics in August 04/05/2010
Swiss prelate suggests Vatican sex abuse register 03/22/2010
Swiss Muslims protest minaret ban 12/12/2009
Swiss party leader calls for ban of separate Jewish and Muslim cemeteries 12/04/2009
Switzerland votes to prohibit the building of mosque minarets 11/30/2009
Muslim Nations Seeking International Blasphemy Ban 11/19/2009
Divided Geneva marks 500 years of Calvinist rigour 07/06/2009
Breakaway Catholic sect ordains eight new priests in Switzerland 06/29/2009