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Muslim ID proposal sparks anger in Philippines Marawi 07/13/2017
ISIS-Linked Jihadis Desecrate Another Catholic Church in Philippines 06/28/2017
Catholics in the Philippines re-enact crucifixion, pray for drug victims 04/18/2017
Atheist missionaries are spreading humanist ideals in the Philippines 03/07/2017
Millions of devotees in Philippines join Black Nazarene procession 01/09/2017
Catholic church in Manila issues prayer against expanded death penalty 12/11/2016
After ‘sons of whores’ comment, Philippines’ Duterte will defy Church with three-child policy 05/23/2016
Islamic extremism on rise in Philippines 04/18/2016
Two dead, hundreds hurt in Philippines religious festival 01/10/2016
Influential Christian church ends protests by thousands of followers in Philippines 09/30/2015
DOJ can continue probe on alleged Iglesia kidnappings 08/17/2015
Help Wanted: The Philippines Needs More Exorcists 07/30/2015
Amid shocking power struggle, INC members mark 101st anniversary of sect 07/26/2015
‘Dry Catholics’ now second predominant religion in Philippines 07/26/2015
The Filipino Church That's In A Fight With Chris Brown Is Embroiled In Legal Troubles Of Its Own 07/24/2015
In Maleldo rites: No crucifixion for foreigners 03/30/2015
Philippine court relaxes marriage annulment law: A sign of waning Church influence? 03/09/2015
Days after ‘rabbits’ remark, pope praises big families 01/21/2015
Full Transcript of Pope's Press Conference on Flight from Manila 01/19/2015
Pope Mania Sweeps The Philippines Ahead Of Francis' Visit 01/13/2015
Philippines plans to give Muslims autonomous zone 09/10/2014
Filipino bishops to counter Islamic State group 08/28/2014
INC: From rag-tag sect to influential wheeler-dealer? 07/27/2014
The Catholic Church and Iglesia ni Cristo: Major differences 07/23/2014
Philippine sect opens 'worlds largest indoor arena' 07/21/2014
Is Catholic Church's influence in Philippines fading? 05/24/2014
Philippine bishops warn against self-flagellation 04/16/2014
Philippine court rules family planning law legal 04/08/2014
Philippines and Muslim rebel group sign peace deal 03/27/2014
Philippines prepares for historic peace deal 03/25/2014
Philippines, Muslim rebels upbeat in tackling last peace hurdle 01/21/2014
Filipino troops retake most rebel-held villages 09/16/2013
Guns, clans and rogue Muslim rebels undermine south Philippine peace 09/15/2013
Unveiling Female Muslim Teachers So Students See Their Lips 08/02/2013
Catholic Church seeks to regain power in Philippines 05/05/2013
Filipino Catholic groups band together to back poll candidates who oppose contraceptives law 04/08/2013
Catholics nailed to cross in Philippine folk ritual that Church opposes 03/29/2013
Philippine Supreme Court halts implementation of contraceptives law amid church opposition 03/19/2013
Filipino Faces Jail Time for ‘Offending Religious Feelings’ 02/07/2013
Rescuing Manila’s Steel Church 01/18/2013