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Pope to Card. Maradiaga: I'm sorry for the evil they have done against you 12/26/2017
35 thousand euros a month for the Cardinal: the new scandal that shakes the Vatican 12/21/2017
El Salvador judge reopens case of archbishop’s 1980 murder 05/18/2017
Pro-Palestinian Groups Slam 'Jewish Taliban' Sect as Zionist Colonialists 05/10/2017
Israeli court rules Central American ultra-Orthodox sect is a ‘dangerous cult’ 04/25/2017
Ex-Mayor Of Guatemala Town Jailed For Expelling Hasidic Sect 04/05/2017
Did religion save this Guatemalan town? 08/26/2016
Evangelical actor wins election’s first round in Guatemala 09/08/2015
In El Salvador, there’s a love/hate relationship between churches and gangs 05/26/2015
Slain Salvadoran archbishop’s beatification a rallying point 05/21/2015
The Greek Orthodox Church In Latin America Is Not Very Greek 04/15/2015
Christianity is growing rapidly in El Salvador — along with gang violence and murder rates 04/08/2015
Nicaraguan organization seeks to provide antidote to sham exorcisms 03/17/2015
The religious change in Latin America 02/11/2015
Pope decrees slain Salvadoran Archbishop Romero a martyr 02/03/2015
Dogged By Controversy, A Jewish Sect Is On The Move Again 09/10/2014
Jews 'forced' to leave Guatemala village 08/29/2014
Lev Tahor, ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect, quietly moves to Guatemala 08/23/2014
Pope lifts beatification ban on Salvadoran Oscar Romero 08/18/2014
Border Crisis: Central American Churches Try to Keep Children Home 07/23/2014
Ultra-orthodox Lev Tahor settlement has spurred tension in Guatemalan village, CIJA says 07/03/2014
Lev Tahor sect starts new life in Guatemala after fleeing child neglect allegations in Ontario and Quebec 06/23/2014
Mexicans, Dominicans are more Catholic than most other Hispanics 05/27/2014
Dozens of members of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect have left Canada and are living in a shack in Guatemala 05/10/2014
Lev Tahor family in Guatemala appeals court order 03/21/2014
Lev Tahor: Children remain with parents ahead of Guatemalan court hearing 03/15/2014
Two Women and a Mosque: A Convert Community Grows in Panama City 01/22/2014
Folk Saint Maximon Celebrated By Mayan Followers In Guatemalan Highlands 10/30/2013
El Salvador Declares Oct. 28 National Day of Evangelical Churches 10/23/2013
In search of real witches in Nicaragua 10/09/2013
2,000 US Missionaries Converge in Honduras for Nationwide Revival 07/22/2013
Mayan Nohmul Pyramid In Belize Destroyed By Bulldozer 05/13/2013
Francis 'unblocks' Romero beatification, official says 04/22/2013
'Mayan day of apocalypse' arrives 12/21/2012
December 21 Mayan Apocalypse Observances Fueled By Mysticism And Internet 12/19/2012
Maya Spirit: Entering the Circle of Dance 12/09/2012
Mayan apocalypse: panic spreads as December 21 nears 12/07/2012
Mayans Protest 'Twisting Of Truth' Over 2012 Doomsday Predictions 10/31/2012
Religion debate raised anew in Nicaragua campaign 08/19/2011
LDS Missionary mauled by lions undergoes more surgery 07/13/2011