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Lost Latin commentary on the Gospels rediscovered after 1,500 years thanks to digital technology 08/23/2017
Sicily's '12 apostles' religious sect abused girls to 'make them feel closer to God' 08/02/2017
After 500 Years, an Italian Jewish Rebirth 07/13/2017
Italy uses imams in prisons to deter extremism among inmates 07/12/2017
Madonna di Alvenia sect comes to Seborga 06/23/2017
Before the digital age, how religious groups increased the numbers in their order 06/12/2017
Pope Francis goes door-to-door to bless families in beach town 05/19/2017
Italy bans Sikh migrant from carrying Kirpan 05/16/2017
Knights of Malta draw battle lines after clash with pope 04/28/2017
Ex Knights of Malta head defies pope order, plans Rome return 04/27/2017
Italy to train Muslim imams on constitution to 'create climate of tolerance' and fight radicalisation 01/11/2017
Catholic priest accused of organising orgies in rectory and pimping out 15 women 01/02/2017
Italy’s Muslims Celebrate Christmas to Calm Integration Fears 12/11/2016
Who is the archbishop Pope Francis sends into the streets to help Rome’s migrants? 10/05/2016
Italy's anti-mosque laws force Muslims to pray in garages 09/30/2016
Italy: Liguria approves 'anti-mosque' laws limiting construction of religious buildings 09/29/2016
Pope and world religious leaders vow to oppose terror in God’s name 09/21/2016
Pope Francis of Assisi? A pontiff boosts the birthplace of a saint 09/15/2016
Traditionalists spurn deal with Rome, charging ‘painful confusion’ 06/29/2016
The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus’s Wife 06/16/2016
Abuse allegations follow leader of Peruvian Catholic sect to Rome 06/16/2016
Pope Francis excommunicates schismatic Italian sect 06/08/2016
'Some women disobey': Rome poster campaign challenges Catholic ban on female priests 05/26/2016
Italy OKs gay civil unions despite strong church opposition 05/12/2016
How Islam Created Europe 04/20/2016
Rome’s Trevi fountain to turn red for new Christian martyrs 04/20/2016
Italian senators debate same-sex union bill under Vatican’s watchful eye 02/02/2016
Why Italian Children Await Gifts From 'The Good Witch' 01/05/2016
Italy seizes 3,500 fake 'Apostolic Blessings' in Rome 12/14/2015
Priest who survived ISIS: “My interfaith work saved my life” 12/11/2015
Wary of Risks in Jubilee Year, Rome Is on Alert 12/05/2015
A pope beloved by many secular intellectuals is also passionate about miracles and relics 08/28/2015
Vatican backs plan to name Rome square for Martin Luther 08/26/2015
Meet an Italian nun who's been helping sex trafficking victims for 20 years 07/21/2015
Inter-religious march in Rome demands action on climate change 07/02/2015
Divorce Italian style becomes easier as Catholic Church influence further wanes 04/24/2015
Citing popular demand, Roman course seeks to boost exorcists 04/21/2015
Christian Refugees Formed Human Chain to Escape Being Thrown to Their Deaths in Mediterranean by Muslims on Migrant Boat 04/20/2015
Rome's Plan For Prostitutes Upsets Sex Workers And The Catholic Church 04/09/2015
Rome university runs exorcism course 04/01/2015