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Chinese authorities demolish Christian church 01/11/2018
Chinese priest missing after ‘brief chat’ with authorities 01/11/2018
Why aren't Uyghur Muslims in China allowed to go to Hajj? 08/30/2017
China bans Christian summer camps and Sunday schools 08/03/2017
China bans entry of Buddhist sect head from Australia 08/01/2017
China targets Muslim Uighurs studying abroad 08/01/2017
'Woman Jesus' believers held in China for connection to murderous, banned cult 07/27/2017
Chinese official indicates Beijing to retain tight grip on church 07/24/2017
A Buddhist prayer festival fills a remote Tibetan village with color 07/20/2017
Why does China have women-only mosques? 06/28/2017
Canadian arrested for her religion pepper sprayed, shackled in Chinese detention 06/20/2017
Christians pressured into confessing false ‘evil cult’ activity 06/16/2017
China, once officially atheist, now booming with religion 05/17/2017
Police Raid Meeting of Over 40 House Church Pastors in China; 3 Arrested, Others Interrogated 05/08/2017
The extraordinary ways in which China humiliates Muslims 05/04/2017
In China, Unregistered Churches Are Driving a Religious Revolution 04/23/2017
Reports: Tibetan monk sets himself on fire in western China 04/17/2017
China Kicks Out Korean Missionaries in ‘Unprecedented’ Numbers 03/08/2017
India ignores China, Dalai Lama will Visit Arunachal Pradesh 03/06/2017
UN is condemning China over expulsion of monks and nuns 03/02/2017
NGO law shows China’s ‘challenging environment’ 01/04/2017
China intends to work with the Vatican to “promote constructive dialogue” 12/21/2016
Chinese Muslim website blocked after Xi Jinping letter 12/14/2016
Chinese cardinal says Vatican must stand up to Beijing 12/08/2016
Chinese bishop excommunicated by Vatican takes part in ordination 12/01/2016
China's Crackdown on Christianity 09/15/2016
Hong Kong Cardinal Says Vatican and China Close to "Mutual Agreement" on Bishops 08/05/2016
Chinese dissident-evangelist accused of sexual misconduct 07/12/2016
The Woman Leading a Spiritual Revival in China 06/28/2016
World's Largest Tibetan Buddhist Institute Ordered Demolished by Chinese Government 06/22/2016
Life of Uyghur Muslims In China 06/14/2016
Harmony and Martyrdom Among China's Muslims 06/06/2016
China restricts Ramadan fasting in Muslim region 06/05/2016
Religion goes green in Taiwan pollution battle 05/21/2016
Decapitated Churches in China’s Christian Heartland 05/21/2016
Three Falun Gong cult members jailed in south China 05/20/2016
China’s ancient Buddhist grottoes face a new threat — tourists 05/16/2016
China is building a Muslim theme park to promote its state-sanctioned version of Islam 05/13/2016
China's Attack on Buddhism Is a Threat to Tibetan People Too 05/10/2016
Chinese province reasserts ban on religion in classrooms 05/06/2016