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Escaping polygamy: northern Ontario woman helps mom and kids escape fundamentalist Mormon sect 08/28/2017
Women in small Muslim sect say they have had FGM in Canada 08/21/2017
Polygamy support grows, despite court cases: Poll 08/15/2017
Nun celebrates Catholic wedding in Canada 07/27/2017
‘I’m guilty of living my religion,’ says B.C. former bishop found guilty of polygamy 07/24/2017
People Are Getting Exorcisms Instead of Going to the Doctor 07/12/2017
Fate of Quebec town's proposed Muslim cemetery rests with a few 07/05/2017
Rise of the radical nuns 06/20/2017
Ontario Catholic high schools shouldn’t press students to study religion: settlement 06/13/2017
Religion increasingly seen as doing more harm than good in Canada: Ipsos poll 06/13/2017
Incidents targeting Muslims drove rise in hate crimes in 2015: StatsCan 06/13/2017
In Vancouver, Christian recovery programs respond to opioid crisis 05/19/2017
Verdict date set for B.C. polygamy trial 05/16/2017
Canadian Copts ponder the future of their faith back in Egypt 04/25/2017
Alleged polygamist Winston Blackmore told police he didn’t know wife was 15 years old 04/25/2017
Polygamy trial set to begin for Winston Blackmore, accused of marrying 24 times 04/17/2017
Canadian Christian leaders denounce Franklin Graham ahead of his Vancouver trip 02/24/2017
Quebec mosque shooting thought to be ‘lone wolf’ attack 01/31/2017
Quebec Mosque Attack Forces Canadians to Confront a Strain of Intolerance 01/30/2017
Growing Muslim community looks to build Yukon's first mosque 01/16/2017
Pagan community space opens in Montreal Anglican church 01/14/2017
Liberal churches are dying. But conservative churches are thriving. 01/04/2017
Quebec bill would ban religion from private day cares 12/20/2016
Impartial adviser to address trial involving B.C. polygamous community 12/07/2016
Closing arguments to begin in trial for trio connected to B.C. polygamous sect 12/05/2016
The Women Changing Canada’s Most Infamous Polygamist Colony from the Inside 12/04/2016
What Happened To This Cult Leader's Lost Treasure? 12/01/2016
B.C. polygamous sect members could conclude girls moved to U.S. for sexual purpose: prosecutor 11/05/2016
Can an atheist lead a Protestant church? A battle over religion in Canada. 09/29/2016
Man with 27 wives and 145 children says he does not want polygamy legalised 08/04/2016
'There’s so many gay Hutterites': a rare voice begins pilgrimage for acceptance 05/30/2016
Alleged polygamist leader of cult-like Ontario church pleads guilty to ‘corrections and chastisements’ 05/11/2016
Former leader of alleged cult pleads guilty to several assault charges 05/10/2016
Ottawa Muslims tackle 'taboo' of mental illness 05/04/2016
Muslim Canadians increasingly proud of and attached to Canada, survey suggests 04/27/2016
Seventh-day Adventists worry about effects of heritage designation 04/26/2016
Atheist pastor sparks debate by 'irritating the church into the 21st century' 04/24/2016
Canada Thinks It Has a Better Way to Defend Religious Freedom 04/06/2016
‘Cult’ church backs pastor charged in sex assault of parishioner 10/01/2015
Religious Nones in Canada: A Qualitative Exploration 08/18/2015