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‘We really feel afraid’: Indonesia’s religious pluralism under threat – report 08/02/2017
Islamic school seeks to steer sons of militants to new path 08/01/2017
Indonesia: religious minorities ‘fearful’ of growing intolerance, says report 08/01/2017
Is Indonesia’s ‘pious democracy’ safe from Islamic extremism? 07/04/2017
Indonesian Islamic sect members say they’re denied state IDs over their beliefs 06/20/2017
How a growing number of Muslim women clerics are challenging traditional narratives 06/06/2017
Indonesia to disband hard-line Islamist group 05/08/2017
Religion, power and politics in Indonesia 04/20/2017
Pence tours Southeast Asia’s biggest mosque, talks trade in Indonesia 04/20/2017
Indonesian Muslim candidate wins Jakarta election-pollsters 04/18/2017
‘Dirty’ Jakarta election looms as religious politics resurface 04/18/2017
Jakarta election exposes deep political, religious divide 04/18/2017
Indonesia jails leaders of "deviant sect" for blasphemy 03/08/2017
Sex, murder, fraud: sham Indonesian cults in the spotlight after scandals 01/31/2017
Blasphemy Trial Tests Pluralism in Mostly Muslim Indonesia 12/13/2016
Running the world’s largest Muslim city is tricky. Especially when you’re Christian. 12/12/2016
Emergence of political Islam puts Indonesian president to a test 12/12/2016
Indonesians rally for tolerance after blasphemy protests 12/03/2016
Modern World Tugs at an Indonesian Tribe Clinging to Its Ancient Ways 12/02/2016
Muslim Leaders From 30 Countries Meet In Indonesia To Fight Extremism 05/10/2016
Indonesian summit to promote 'renovated' Islam in challenge to global jihadism 05/08/2016
Indonesia's Muslim cyber warriors take on IS 05/08/2016
For first time in Indonesia, non-Muslim caned under Islamic law 04/16/2016
Rights groups rap treatment of Indonesian sect members 01/27/2016
ISIS in the World’s Largest Muslim Country 01/03/2016
‘Religious harmony’ law: 1,000 Indonesian Christian churches closed 12/14/2015
In Indonesia, minorities under threat from Muslim hardliners 10/29/2015
Indonesia urged to drop virginity tests for female police, military recruits 05/14/2015
Indonesian Christians pray in protest after government shuts down churches 05/11/2015
Indonesia executions: Convicts praised God, sang Christian hymns before death by firing squad 04/29/2015
Indonesian Cleric Calls Selfies A Sin. Muslim Youth Respond With More Selfies. 01/28/2015
Islamic State ‘brand’ gains ground among Asian Muslim militants 09/26/2014
Indonesia marriage laws: Students challenge law preventing people of different faiths from marrying 09/05/2014
Rise of Islamic State in Southeast Asia 09/01/2014
The world’s largest Muslim country bans support for the Islamic State 08/07/2014
Religion the dark horse in Indonesia election 07/08/2014
Indonesian presidential hopeful prays quick Mecca trip will win votes 07/07/2014
Public Schools in Indonesia Feel Islamic Pressure 06/15/2014
In Muslim Indonesia, throngs of people are seeking salvation at a shrine to anonymous sex 05/15/2014
Transgender Islamic school reopened 04/21/2014