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Afghan Sikhs: one of the most vulnerable minorities in the world 08/17/2014
Hindus, Sikhs in Afghanistan feel neglected, discriminated 06/24/2014
Taliban's Mullah Omar celebrates prisoner-swap 'victory' 06/01/2014
Shots fired to disperse Afghan Koran protest 05/25/2014
Afghan Turnout Is High as Voters Defy the Taliban 04/05/2014
Asia Foundation: Among Afghan public, mixed support for women’s rights 04/03/2014
Marginalized Sikhs 'Don’t Care' About Afghan Election 04/02/2014
Countries Divided on Future of Ancient Buddhas 03/22/2014
Taliban condemn violence in C. African Republic 02/22/2014
Saving Relics, Afghans Defy the Taliban 01/12/2014
UK minister urges Afghan president to block proposals to bring back stoning 11/26/2013
FACTBOX: Stoning – where does it happen? 09/29/2013
Religious hardliners declare 'jihad' on Afghanistan's TV talent shows 07/21/2013
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Hindus and Sikhs Struggle in Afghanistan 07/11/2013
Afghan archaeology site faces rocky future 05/20/2013
Afghan parliament fails to pass divisive women's law 05/18/2013
Afghanistan's kochis: Nomads no more 05/15/2013
Villagers Take On Taliban in Their Heartland 03/20/2013
YouTube Ban, Spurred by Anti-Islamic Video, Is Met With Shrugs 12/05/2012
Afghanistan: Suicide Bombing At Mosque Kills 41 During Eid Al-Adha Celebration 10/26/2012
Karzai Condemns Anti-Islam Movie, Afghan Protests Feared 09/12/2012
Soldiers Who Urinated On Corpses, Burned Qurans Will Not Be Criminally Prosecuted 08/27/2012
Seventeen Afghan partygoers beheaded by Taliban 08/27/2012
Afghans Say Extrajudicial Execution Was Un-Islamic 07/10/2012
Ancient statue reveals prince who would become Buddha 06/07/2012
Karzai's backing of strict Islamic code (that allows men to beat their wives) 'is a giant step back for women's rights in Afghanistan' 03/07/2012